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Summer 2014 Week 2

Page history last edited by Marie Huhtala 9 years, 11 months ago


 Week 2  Goals:

  1. Essay #1
  2. Grammar Review: Verb Tenses
  3. Scanning & Previewing
  4. Vocab from Reading
  5. APA Style Intro









May 26

9:30 - 12:10 

May 27

9:30 - 12:10 

May 28

9:30 - 12:10 


May 29

9:30 - 12:10 





Memorial Day Holiday


No Classes 




Introducing the Book


Peer Review

Thesis Statements


Writing an Essay

WC3 p. 13-14


Avoiding Choppy Sentences;

Using Participles as Adjectives

WC3 p. 14-17


Participles as Adjectives


Participles "Quiz"  (not a real quiz)


Begin Scanning and Previewing

MRP p. 107-130

Warm-up: Idioms of Natural Ability


Peer Review Essay Drafts




Finish Scanning and Previewing

MRP p. 107-130



Learning New Vocab from Reading

MRP p. 45-56


Focus on Vocabulary

MRP p. 125-130

Grammar Review:

Verb Tenses


Present Perfect 

Past Perfect 

Pres Perf Cont

Past Perf Cont



What is Plagiarism?


APA powerpoint lesson.ppt







No Class on Friday









Write the first draft of your Essay (WC3 p. 17-19).  Type it and bring it to class tomorrow


Write the final draft of your essay; upload it to your Dropbox account.


Read WPost article

and answer questions; upload the Question page to your Dropbox folder
















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