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Summer 2014 Week 4

Page history last edited by Marie Huhtala 8 years, 9 months ago


 Week 4 Goals:

  1. Problem-Solution Essay
  2. Run-ons and Fragments
  3. Grammar Review: Modal Verbs
  4. Reading: Understanding Paragraphs
  5. Burke Lake Picnic!










June 9

9:30 - 12:10 

June 10

9:30 - 12:10 

June 11

9:30 - 12:10 


June 12

9:20 - 12:10 




"I would like to buy a hamburger!"


Problem-Solution Essay

WC3 p. 36-42


Problem-Solution Essay Outline


Finish Guessing Meaning from Context

MRP p. 62-67


Run-On Sentences and Fragments


Sentence Fragments: Markers



Fragment Practice #1

Fragment Practice #2


#1 Run-ons

#2 Run-ons

#3 Fragments and Run-ons




Burke Lake Picnic


Meet at Starbucks by 10:45 a.m.


Dates in California


Peer Review Essay Drafts


Review Reference Lists



Understanding Paragraphs

MRP p. 147--165

Warmup: Idioms of Honesty


Paragraph Unity, Avoiding Run-Ons

WC3 p. 43-47


Commonly Confused Words

WC3 p. 46-47


QUIZ on WC3, Chapters 1-3


Grammar Review:

Modal Verbs


Focus on Vocabulary

MRP p. 166-171



Preview "Nightfall"



No Class on Friday








Write the first draft of your Problem-Solution essay; bring to class on Wednesday for peer review


Write the final draft of your Problem-Solution essay; upload it to your Dropbox account 


Read "Nightfall" and answer questions; upload to Dropbox
















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