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Summer 2014 Week 5

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 Week 5 Goals:

  1. Summarizing and Responding
  2. In-Text citations
  3. Grammar Review: Relative Clauses










June 16

9:30 - 12:10 

June 17

9:30 - 12:10 

June 18

9:30 - 12:10 


June 19

9:20 - 12:10 




Discuss "Nightfall"


Summarizing and Responding

WC3 p. 54-63


Writing a Summary 


In-Class Summarizing Sentences


In-Class Summarizing Paras (UPFRONT)


Word Parts

MRP p. 71-81

Warmup: Freerice.com


In-Class Summarizing:

Challenger Disaster



Begin in-text Citations


Sample in-text

   Parenthetical Citation      Tips

Parenthetical Citations


 Practice in Class



MRP p. 82-92

Warmup: Idioms of Fairness


Responding to an Article 

WC3 p. 63-64


Writing a Response



Reduced Adverbial & Adjective Clauses

WC3 p. 64-66


Reporting Words

WC3 p. 66-68


More reporting words


In-Class Summarizing, with reporting words and citations


Grammar Review: 

Relative Clauses


Adjective Clauses


Practice 1

Practice 2

Practice 3


Identifying the Pattern

MRP p. 173ff


In Class: Write a Summary and Response.

Put it in Dropbox when done.




No Class on Friday








Another Reference List; post in Dropbox

Citation Practice.  Upload to Dropbox.

Write a Response;

put in Dropbox



Summary and Response: "Girls Really Do Prefer Pink," WC3 p. 68.

Post it to Dropbox.
















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